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Too weird to live
Too young to die

Welcome to the I Am Vodka universe, a journey into the twisted brainchild of Martin Bundgaard.

I Am Vodka was founded on a simple, yet slightly crazy dream: Creating the world’s greatest vodka. Not just in terms of taste, but as an overall

I Am Vodka is a premium product and everything we do will always reflect the promise the ”premium” badge represents.

I Am Vodka is much more than just a product, it is a way of life and a universal message of love. We are setting out to conquer the world, but not at any cost. We refuse to believe that good business is a game of compromise.

I Am Vodka is part of the I Am family, which not only includes several other
premium alcoholic products, but also includes a unified global tribe of family members and consumers, whose trust and dedication to our products push us to excel at everything we do – every day.

  • #thepriceofbeingme

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